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This is a blog about aging, a subject very personal to me, since I am just turning 75.  I want to engage in a discussion about what it means to get older with whomever is interested.  If experiencing it confers wisdom, then I must be as wise as the next guy, but I don’t think that qualifies me as an expert.  Mostly, I am stumbling along and learning through living the process of getting older.

Getting old is a very special time.   It is a time to come to terms with the life that you lived, the people in it and your unfinished business.  Given that it is inevitably the last phase of your existence, it has some urgency to it.  It also has the freedom of knowing that there is no one you need to impress and no point in holding back.  Someone once said, “I don’t want to creep carefully through life only to arrive safely at my death”.  At its worst, aging can be a depressing state where you only notice the things that you can no longer do or the things, functions and people you have lost.  At its best, aging can be a time to explore new things that you didn’t have the time or the inclination to when you were younger, a time for self exploration and new learning.  I want to discuss both aspects.  More to come

2 thoughts on “First Blog – Aging With Spirit

  1. Hi Al,
    Trying again… I’ve been meaning for a long time to check out your blog. Such good material. I don’t see anything recent. You’ve been busy with other pursuits?
    I’ve been reading “Generations, Reasons to Grow Old:Meaning in Later Life,” which has some excellent articles in it. I’ll bring it on Friday.
    What has the response been to your blog?

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